EDO Design - fornitore dei premi per i Contest

EDO design was born in 1975 in San Giovanni Rotondo (Gargano area in the Puglia Region of Southern Italy).

Airbrush artist, writer and graphic designer with twenty years of experience, shows his works in the Kustom Kulture Art field and recently also in the Tattoo world by taking part in national and international events.

His secret is experimenting: he catches and examines new materials and shapes, trying to get their expressive potentials and giving a new dimension between the real and imaginary world, where imagination and innovation are his main work core.

Influences and passions come from the Street Culture and the bikers’ world, this last one already melt with the tattoo world where his creations and ideas have found the best of inspiration by using skulls, sacred images, by customising ancient objects with the lettering and pinstriping techniques.

Lauro Paolini, tattoo machines

The first 30 tattoo machines made by da Lauro Paolini were presented in the Bologna Tattoo Convention (Italy) in 1996. “…Since then, everyday in all the world more than 50.000 tattoo machines made by us have been working …[…]…We try to produce tattoo machines true to their tradition, but at the same time searching for materials and electrical and mechanic components, with a nice ergonomic design …[…]…Our search for experimenting new technologies…[…]…has always gone at the same time with all the other laws regulating nowadays our work of tattoo artists…[…]…A perfect fusion between craftsmanship and mechanical precision…”

INKED italy

Inked Magazine is destination to find creative tattoo ideas, the best tattoo artists, photos and videos of tattooed models and news on tattooed celebrities.

Tattoo Defender

The first cosmetic line (completely Italian!) for tattooed skins, which takes into account all the needs for keeping the ink pigments at the best level underneath the skin layer, including special creams for different stages of tattoo life.
This cosmetic line was born after several months of test and research with the help of cosmetic labs, dermatologists and precious advices by professional tattoo artists, it is made in Italy with PETA certifications, completely cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Gonzaga Tattoo Convention
10, 11, 12 Gennaio 2020