Presenting the Gonzaga Tattoo Convention Contests

Our main target is the one of enhancing the skills of each tattoo artist and trying to highlight the great and complex work of this art.

All the contest, except the Best Tattoo 365 and Best COVER UP, must be fully performed during the convention and only by registered tattoo artists having proper stand.

Each tattoo artist registering for the different contests, must indicate the place where he/she will perform his/her tattoo works, so that they can verify if there are any tattooed part previously made in studio.

During the contest, they WILL NOT say the name of the artist or studio performing the tattoo.

The reason why there is no category subdivision between the Best Black & White and the Best Color contests is for giving space and evidence to what in our view are the innovations of this Convention; in fact we believe the technical and artistic skills of a tattoo artist and the definition of a “good work” are independent from the style a tattoo is created.

The panel of judges will be composed of 5 jurors: 3 tattoo artists and 2 experts (press officers of the field, illustrators/painters); each judge will have a personal evaluation form in order not to be influenced by any other view.

The 3 judges as professional tattoo artists, will evaluate (with a score from 1 to 10) according to three specific items:

  • LINES (or absence of lines in case of realistic tattoos)

The 2 judges as experts will evaluate the works with a single score, with no item distinction, always ranging from 1 to 10.

Through this contest we would like to give space and visibility to the performed works with so many hours working in studio. The tattoo artists have to send the picture of the tattoo they intend to present in order to pass the pre-selection; there will be a maximum of 25 selected tattoos.


During this Contest there will be the performance of coloured tattoo creations in any style or size, completely made in the Convention.


This Contest allows the creation of any style and size of tattoos which can be: started and finished during the convention; started in one’s own studio and then finished during the convention; started and finished in one’s own studio. For all the three settings it is mandatory to make known the steps of  the creation supported by pictures: pictures of the covered or to be covered tattoo and pictures of the drawn lines.


NB: The pictures requested for the Best Tattoo 365 contest must be sent
minimum 15 days before the convention takes place
at the following email
by indicating as SUBJECT: BEST TATTOO 365 CONTEST

This Contest allows the creation of tattoos with a size of 10×10 cm, in any style or colour, fully performed during the Convention


This Contest allows the creation of tattoos in Black and White, in any style or size, fully performed during the Convention.


This Contest allows the creation of tattoos in any style, size and colour, fully performed in the Convention.


Gonzaga Tattoo Convention
10, 11, 12 Gennaio 2020