Tattoos are Art impressing the ink on a canvas that is our skin.
We become human canvases of our thoughts.

The art of tattoo is expressing and sharing thoughts, time… feelings… moments of life which, good or bad, have left a mark in body and soul, as Sara Zamperlin’s artwork deeply investigating the unconscious, trauma and fears to hit and impress the eyes of people looking at it or the distorted faces made by Frank Cianuro representing each one of us with such a pure “ugliness” aspect but true, which draws humans in the light of aesthetic disillusion.

Sara Zamperlin

“I think that each one of us has unique and distinctive features which appear as real fingerprints: what is wonderful does not harbour in the outer self, but in the bravery of being able to live our lives deeply”

Frank Cianuro

“The genesis of his artwork: the need of giving voice to all relegated souls and dominated by their own fears.”

Gonzaga Tattoo Convention
10, 11, 12 Gennaio 2020